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Air Conditioning Sittingbourne

Why is my air conditioning so important?

Most people believe their air-con system is solely there to keep them warm or cool while they’re driving. But, your air-con does much more than that.

In fact, it’s critical to the smooth running of your whole vehicle. It’s an essential part of heating and ventilating your car. It dehumidifies the air, which is a major factor in demisting your screen. And, without the right care, it can cause serious consequences.

That’s the reason we recommend you have it serviced every 24 months. Running without a serviced air-con system means you could quickly have an expensive problem on your hands. From blockages to leaks, a damaged air-con unit generally leads to other components in your vehicle having issues.


Some of Our Customer Feedback

Why does my air conditioning loose gas?

All air-con systems naturally lose around 10% of gas every year. That’s expected.

However, if you think you’re losing more than 10%, you could have a big problem. So, don’t wait to see if it gets better on its own. It won’t. And, by the time you get it looked at, your repair bill could easily have tripled.

It’s much safer, and more affordable, to get your air-con checked out at the first sign of a problem.

Air Conditioning Sittingbourne
Air Conditioning Sittingbourne

What’s the difference between a service and a ‘regas’?

Service – Every part of your air conditioning is checked to ensure that it is all working in perfect order. Regas – Replaces refrigerant that’s naturally been lost.

Air Conditioning Sittingbourne

I’ve had my A/C “gassed” but it’s still not working.

Can you fix this? Of course. We have the latest equipment and the most highly trained team in Sittingbourne, so we’re ideally placed to make sure your air-con is working as it should be.

Air Conditioning Sittingbourne

Can you service air conditioning on all cars?

Sure! We’ve been servicing air conditioning systems since 2003. We’ve seen it all. So, no matter what car you drive, we can give you a reliable, affordable air conditioning service.

Why Gents Garage?

Not only are we great value, but we’re incredibly convenient if you’re based in Sittingbourne, Faversham, Isle of Sheppey and Swale.

As the leading, independent garage in the area, your vehicle gets the most expert treatment when you visit Gents Garage. And, we offer a free air conditioning health check, so there’s no reason not to come and get your car checked.

Air Conditioning Sittingbourne

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