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Car Diagnostic Sittingbourne

If your fault light is on or you’re having computer problems in your vehicle, it could be a lot more serious than it first appears. That’s why a diagnostic check is vital to ensure your car is running as it should.

At our local garage, we have some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment in Swale, which means you get a first-time engine diagnostics every time.

If you’re after a diagnostic treatment like you’d get at the dealerships, but at a better price, come and see us at Gents Garage.

Car Diagnostic Sittingbourne

Some of Our Customer Feedback

Don't you just plug in a computer?

Sure, we do plug in a computer to help with the diagnostic evaluation. However, it goes far deeper than that.

Because a single fault code can have a lot of different causes, we follow an 8-step process to guarantee that we can discover the root cause of the issue on the first attempt. And, that keeps the diagnosis at the lowest cost.

Car repair Sittingbourne

What’s involved in a diagnosis?


Consultant – To gather first point information to help our technicians understand the symptoms, we consult with you.


Inspection – We inspect your vehicle with you; this ensures that our understanding of the fault is in line with yours.


Interrogation – Your vehicle computer systems are interrogated for current and historic faults.


Technical Product Bulletins – Based on the interrogation results, we use technical product bulletins to help reveal any known problems.


System Data Evaluation – Our technicians then pinpoint any aberration, so we understand which tests your vehicle needs to go through.


Reference – We’ll refer to our technical information systems to identify test specifications.


Testing – This is the most intensive process, as we use all the information we’ve gathered to undertake tests using serial data tools, oscilloscopes, and pressure and flow gauges to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.


Assessment – With the test results in hand, we can make an extremely accurate assessment of your problem, at which time we’ll call you to discuss our analysis and the next steps.

How much does a diagnostic evaluation cost?

This depends on the level of testing needed. However, the initial evaluation is £96 inc VAT.

If any further testing is required, we’ll discuss it with you first.

Why Gents Garage?

Well, because our technicians are as passionate about tech as they are motors, we’ve invested heavily in diagnostic tooling, making us one of the best-equipped garages for manufacturer-specific diagnostics in Sittingbourne, Faversham and the Isle of Sheppey.

This means we can diagnose problems other garages can’t.

That, and we guarantee a first-time fix, honest service and fantastic value.

Car Diagnostic Sittingbourne

Contact us today to discuss your problem or book your car diagnostic evaluation.