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Car Lighting Sittingbourne

Issues with your car bulbs and lighting are very serious. In fact, it’s illegal to have lighting problems.

So, if you’re facing challenging car lights, come and see us at Gents Garage.

Our team of highly trained mechanics have the lighting experience and knowledge to ensure you’re not putting yourself, or others, in danger.

So, don’t risk legal fines or potential accidents. Get your car light bulbs checked today.

Car Lighting Sittingbourne

Some of Our Customer Feedback

Can I change my own bulbs?

If you have the right knowledge, tools and expertise, you can change your own bulb.

However, we frequently have to make repairs on car lights because people have tried to change their own bulb, and actually done damage to their car. So, what would have been a quick, cheap change, becomes an expensive repair.

So, you can absolutely change your own bulb if you’re confident. However, we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s safer and more reliable to visit your leading, independent garage – Gents Garage.

Car Lighting Sittingbourne

I can’t find a bulb in my car’s lights. Why?

That’s most likely because your car uses LEDs.

LEDs are a great advancement in-car lighting. However, they don’t come without their own challenges, especially when trying to change them.

So, if you can’t find a light bulb, give us a call.

I have a bulb failure warning light on, but all my bulbs are OK. Why is this?

If your bulb failure warning light is on, you have a problem. There’s been an abnormal voltage in one of your circuits. And, although your light may still be working, your failure light is signalling an issue. You don’t want to be caught with a dead bulb while driving on a dark night.

Ignoring a bulb failure warning light because your lights are working is the quick way to have expensive repairs to pay for. Get it checked out immediately.

Why Gents Garage Sittingbourne?

If you’re after an affordable, reliable garage in Sittingbourne, Faversham or Isle of Sheppey, Gents Garage is the leading, locally run garage for you.

Since 2003, Gents Garage has been keeping the people of Sittingbourne, and the surrounding communities, safe on the roads. Committed to only using the most advanced technology and highly trained technicians, you’re guaranteed absolute satisfaction. And, to give you peace of mind, all our services come with a full warranty.

We’re an officially approved Good Garage Scheme centre, with fully qualified mechanics.

Car Lighting Sittingbourne

For all your lighting requirements, get in touch with us today.