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DPF Sittingbourne

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

If you don’t know what your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is, don’t worry. It’s one of the least known components in a car. But, while it might be little known, your Diesel Particulate Filter is extremely important if you don’t want to face 4-figure fines.

Your Diesel Particulate Filter traps soot and stores it. That’s its role. They were imposed by Euro regulations to pass tight emission control tests. So, if yours isn’t working correctly and you don’t get it fixed, there are serious fines to pay.

And, although most Diesel Particulate Filters are designed to burn off accumulated soot. They can get blocked. So, it’s vital you make sure your DPF is working correctly.

DPF Sittingbourne

Some of Our Customer Feedback

Why is my DPF light on?

Your Diesel Particulate Filter light is on because you have a potential problem on your hands. It’s time to get your DPF checked ASAP. If you decide to leave it, you’ll be met with a flashing light, which 99% of the time means you’re facing expensive repairs.

So, don’t let it get to that stage. If your DPF light is on, call Gents Garage and the team will happily make sure everything is running as it should at a great price.

Why is my DPF blocked?

There are many reasons why your Diesel Particulate Filter could be blocked. However, here are some of the more common reasons:

  • A faulty DPF light didn’t alert you to a problem
  • Incorrect oil
  • Failing turbo
  • Too many short journeys where the regeneration process (the process that burns stored soot to keep your DPF clear) hasn’t had time to activate
DPF Sittingbourne

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The safest, cheapest and easiest way to make sure your car is running correctly is to bring it to Gents Garage.

DPF Sittingbourne

How do I stop it getting blocked?

The best way to ensure your Diesel Particulate Filter doesn’t get blocked is to bring your car to Gents Garage.

Our expert mechanics will regenerate your system by burning all the soot from your filter.

How much does Ad Blue cost?

How much is a DPF evaluation?

To have your whole Diesel Particulate Filter cleaned, it’s just £72.00. And, we’ll do it while you wait.

So, feel free to enjoy our comfy waiting room, where you can have free tea and coffee.

Why Gents Garage?

Not only are we the leading, independent garage in Sittingbourne, Faversham and Swale, but we also offer great value.

Since 2003 our garage has been providing 5-star treatment for the region’s vehicles, using only the most advanced technology and specially trained technicians.

If you want reliable DPF treatment while you wait, Gents Garage is the place for you.

DPF Sittingbourne

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