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Tyres & Alignment Sittingbourne

Tyres & Alignment

As your only contact point with the road, the importance of sound tyres needs no explanation. Faulty tyres and poor alignment costs lives.

But, at Gents Garage we’re committed to keeping you safe. All our technicians have years of experience working with tyres and alignment. And, we only use the most advanced, accurate equipment to make sure you’re running at optimal.

For Sittingbourne tyres, we’re the leading, independent garage. Our tyres are guaranteed and fully fitted.

Tyres & Alignment Sittingbourne

Some of Our Customer Feedback

How do you know what size?

The size of your tyre is normally printed on the outside edge of your tyre.

But, if you can’t find it and need to know, don’t worry.

Just give us a call and we’ll guide you through where you can find it.

Tyres & Alignment Sittingbourne

We can fit tyres while you wait

No matter what the condition of your tyres, our team has the skills and tools to fix or fit your tyre while you wait. We have a fantastic, comfortable waiting room for you where free tea and coffee are available.

But, if you’ve got a flat tyre, we’ll come to you! No matter where you are. Our mobile team means we’re able to save you from a sticky situation. So, you can rest assured that we’ve always got your back… or tyres.

Tyres & Alignment Sittingbourne

Minimum tyre tread levels

The legal tyre tread depth for cars in the UK is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre.

To check your depth, just pop a 20p coin into the lowest tread depth of your tyre.

Can you see the rim? If so, your tyre tread is less than 3mm and needs to be checked by us immediately.

If you can’t see the rim, you’re good to go.

Wheel alignment and why you need it

Wheel alignment matters. However, it’s very often ignored. People regularly contend with speed bumps and potholes, but don’t consider the huge impact it has on the continued safety of driving.

In fact, wheel alignment not only drastically impacts your safety, but good alignment actually reduces tyre wear and improves fuel consumption. So, safety aside, having your wheels annually aligned actually saves you money.

How do I know if my wheel alignment is wrong?

It’s important to be aware of how your car is performing in consideration to your wheel alignment. Poor alignment causes accidents. If you’re experiencing any of the following, give us a call, as you could be unknowingly putting yourself at risk:

  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • Your steering wheel is crooked when driving straight
  • Squealing tires

Can’t find your locking wheel nut?

The simple answer is to come and see us.

Rather than trying to find your wheel nut, then potentially damaging it (this happens very often) by trying to remove it yourself, just head to Gents Garage. We have a special kit to remove them. And, we’ll do it for a great price.

So, save yourself some time and stress, pop down to see us.

Why Gents Garage Sittingbourne?

If you’re after an affordable, reliable garage in Sittingbourne, Faversham or Isle of Sheppey, Gents Garage is the leading, locally run garage for you.

Since 2003, Gents Garage has been keeping the people of Sittingbourne, and the surrounding communities, safe on the roads. Committed to only using the most advanced technology and highly trained technicians, you’re guaranteed absolute satisfaction. And, to give you peace of mind, all our services come with a full warranty.

We’re an officially approved Good Garage Scheme centre, with fully qualified mechanics.

Looking for tyres in Sittingbourne?

There really is just one choice.

With a great range, we’ve got something for all budgets.